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Graphic designer turned weaver, Tina is following her "bliss". Studied weaving at FIT in NYC and at Vavstuga Weaving School in the Berkshires (heaven!!!). I do textile design in collaboration with other artists. I weave "memory" wall hangings using scraps from lives, and found materials including cassette and video tape. I take custom orders for rep weave table runners and placemats, kitchen towels and baby blankets.

Exploring the possibilities of color and fiber.

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Custom Baby Blankets

Cotton, easy care, custom colors. Wrap your precious cargo in something beautiful. Whenever possible I prefer to use sustainable fibers and natural colors.

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Scarves & Shawls

Pick your fiber:

  • Luscious colors in Rayon Chenille
  • Warm Wool
  • Silk
  • Tencel and Bamboo
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Jewelry for your home
Precious handwovens for your table and kitchen.

A beautiful table equals a beautiful memory shared with family and friends. Make a statement with a lovely towel lining a fruit or bread basket.

cotton tea towel

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Rep weave placemats in cotton

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Custom Client Yardage

I weave custom upholstery fabric for private clients using their drafts and fiber.

custom fabric sample
  • Up to 24 shaft options
  • 53" max. width
    10 yard minimums
Winter Forest Scarf

I love to play with color and pattern—from traditional Swedish weaving to modern asymmetrical, to arts & crafts.

I wonder what the other side will be when I have finished weaving all my thread. Indulge yourself with beautiful and enduring textiles to enhance your life.

I do not know the pattern nor the end of this great piece of work which is for me.
I only know that I must weave with care the colors that are given me, day by day,
And make them a fabric firm and true which will be of service to my fellow man.
Sometimes those colors are so dark and gray I doubt if there will be one line of beauty there.
But all at once there comes a thread of gold or rose so deep that there will always be that one bright spot to cherish or to keep and maybe against its ground of deepest hue it will be beautiful.

The Warp is held by the Master’s hand;
The Master’s mind made the design for me.
If I but weave the shuttle to and fro and blend the colors just the best I know.
Perhaps when it is finished He will say, “T’is good” and lay it on the footstool at his feet.

—Author Unknown

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I'm usually weaving… and occassionally post on social media

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Member of New York Guild of Handweavers, Jockey Hollow Weavers, MidCoast Weavers, NHGW, MAFA.

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